Top tips for revising previously created storyline

Feb 07, 2022

Hi all

I've recently taken a role that involves updating multiple users work on various projects. I'm relatively new to Storyline but trained professionally in the software plus many years of experience in developing on PowerPoint so feel I'm using  good construction techniques (labeling, correct use of triggers, general understanding of how the software reacts, etc.).

As I'm sure you appreciate - the great thing about Articulate is that you can pretty much make what you need for the course to 'work' in published form. However, I'm struggling...making changes to huge courses developed in 'chunky' ways that don't take advantage of the inbuilt tools e.g using timelines instead of triggers or not setting triggers at all - leading to other issues.

If you have any words of wisdom I'd love to hear your top far I got...dont change their ___ as far as possible ;p
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Phil Mayor
Picking up other peoples work is always tough.

When I am in that situation I often find that I update the work and make very little change to how it is built. In complex courses I often try and build on top of what already works.

Where I am building new content I build it how I would build content normally.

For me I will try and build everything as simply/elegantly as possible, try not to use, triggers, variables, layers if I can.

It is very easy to say I am having problems because of the way things are built, but my rule in these cases is to only ever say that once. At that point I now have ownership of the courses. As you suggest courses can be built in many ways and there is no real right or wrong way as long as they work. There are really only more elegant solutions. Good Luck in your new role.