Total number of Questions, Question number x of y variables?

Jun 26, 2019

Hello all,
Please understand that I am very new to Storyline v3, so I am currently very confused about how to work with variables and adding two very simple indicators to my quizzes. 

1) On the first introduction page, I wish to inform the learner of the total number of questions to follow, using an automated method. 
2) For each quiz question, I wish inform the learn which question they are on... i.e. "Question x of y". 

How do I accomplish this. My Google search turned up a lot of similar questions regarding these topics but there were a number of different solutions, some reported not to work correctly... for instance, values continue to add up if the learner backs up and repeats the question, or other problems. Just when I think that I have found some pretty good instructions, I learn that the instructions are related to Articulate 360

Additionally, are there any advanced Storyline v3 lessons that you can recommend that might help me understand how to use variables? 

Thank you. :)

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