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Jan 03, 2019

I need help addling slide numbers were it is automatic once I create a new slide. I have a huge training to build and don't want to add a number to each slide.

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Judy Nollet

Storyline allows for non-linear content, which means you can set up a course so different users can follow different paths through the content. However, that also means Articulate didn't program a way to automatically number slides, because it would be too complicated to allow for varying paths. In other words, you will have to number each slide.

The purpose of slide numbering is to let the users know how they're progressing through a course (i.e., how much is left to do...). If you show the Menu on the side, that accomplishes the same thing, without slide numbering.

However, if you must show slide numbers and you include the total number (e.g., "slide 28 of 40"), there is a way to make it a bit easier.  I use a variable, which I name "N,"  for the total number of slides. I paste "# / %N%" on every slide (typically in a special text box set up in the master layout). The "%N%" refers to the value in the variable (which I initially set to "##" since I don't know the total number of slides at that point).

When I'm pretty sure the number and order of slides is set, I enter the total number of slides in the variable; that number will then automatically show up wherever "%N%" appears. But, yes, I still have to enter the individual slide number for each slide. That's just how it is.

If you aren't familiar with how to use variables, I suggest you check out Articulate's tutorials (


Crystal Horn

Hi Remzi! The new slide numbers feature in Storyline 360 can count all slides in the total, or exclude slides that you, the author, choose. This feature doesn't have a way to dynamically update the total based on the scenarios your learners choose.

You can create custom variables, however, that are updated based on your learners' selections. If you've got a working example for the community to see, feel free to share it here for more help!

Hugh Vaughan

Is there a way to change any slide number under 10 to have a zero on front i.e. Slide 01/56, 02/56 rather than 1/56, 2/56?

Ideally there would be a setting in the player which could alternate between the two.

The only way I can think is to add a new text variable and set 9 conditions e.g. Set NewVariable to value 01 When timeline starts on this slide If Menu.SlideNumber = value 1 but this is long winded and would need to be added to numerous master slides.

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