NEW IN STORYLINE 360: Slide Numbers

May 07, 2019

We’re excited to share a powerful new feature in Storyline 360: slide numbers.

Now you can add slide numbers to your Storyline 360 project to show learners their progress through a course. Storyline 360 will automatically calculate how far learners have left in your course. And you can quickly exclude slides if you don’t want them counted toward the total.

Here’s how slide numbers work:


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Mike DiFonzo

This great and I'm experimenting with it now. Question though when it comes to branched learning. Is the Exclude slides for the whole project or can it be set at different scenes.

The Learner has the option to either branch to a video or walk through a CBL. The slide numbers would vary depending on their selection.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mike

you have the option to click a tab to see only the variables you created

Enhanced: Variables are easier to find and manage. We redesigned the variables window with separate tabs for variables you create and those that are built-in. And there's a search field that filters the list as you type.

Jan Slozil

Hi Ashley, thanks for the Slide numbers feature. I have just spent a lot of time doing it manually in my whole project which brought me to the following idea: is there any plan which features are going to be released and when? For example, if I had known about this Slide numbers feature, I would have waited for it and could have done some other adjustments in the meantime. Thanks a lot for your reply.

Alyssa Gomez

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Jan!

Our team is committed to giving you the best information we can at the time so that you can plan ahead for your projects. I can understand you feeling like you're in the dark about when certain features might be released. We don’t have a public roadmap, as development and timing can shift, but we provide targeted release dates when possible.

Our What’s New, What’s Next page is the best place to see what features are in the immediate development pipeline, and here's some more information about our feature request process.

Mike Wilson

Hi Leslie, What issue? Open the Trigger Wizard and Action 'Adjust variable' and then click the variable drop-down. The 27 new variable appear at the top of the list now so all the created variables you need to scroll to. Either make it so created variables are at the top or make it so they can be disabled would be much more user friendly.  

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Mike Wilson!

It looks like Leslie was answering Mike DiFonzo's question. Sorry for the confusion. 😁 I'll be sure to pass along your feature request!

Hey, Darren! Check out this brand new example of how you can use Storyline 360's slide numbers feature to create a progress bar: Storyline 360 Visual Progress Meter

Adam Kenworthy

This is a great new feature, big thumbs up for this.

Do have a question though. Can this new slide number feature work in a quiz so it works like a question number. And I am thinking specifically if there is a way it can work with a QB.

Example I have a QB of 100 questions with the quiz drawing a random 25. I have built in manually variables which show the Q number you are on as you move forward and back through the quiz. But if the new slide numbering can be added it would make life so much easier.