NEW IN STORYLINE 360: Slide Numbers

We’re excited to share a powerful new feature in Storyline 360: slide numbers.

Now you can add slide numbers to your Storyline 360 project to show learners their progress through a course. Storyline 360 will automatically calculate how far learners have left in your course. And you can quickly exclude slides if you don’t want them counted toward the total.

Here’s how slide numbers work:


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Will Findlay

I love this new feature! One caveat - "slide number in project" doe not appear to work currently for slides in question banks. I guess that makes sense since it isn't exactly in the project, but it would be nice to be able to use this when you want the slide numbers to reflect the overall number of slides, e.g. if you have a quiz at the end of a presentation that is 20 slides long, and you want the first question to show that it is slide #21.

Based on Alyssa's video though you can use Slide number in Scene.

Adam Kenworthy


Following Alyssa's video the slide numbers in scene being added to each question in the QB worked perfectly. The numbers correctly increased and decreased dependant on the user moving forward or back through the questions, and they worked perfectly during the review quiz from the result slide.

If I have understood you correctly if you added the question bank within your project scene and the slide number in the scene is added I cant see why the question numbers would not continue on in sequence from the pre quiz slides in that scene.

Hope I made sense there, does in my head anyway.