Adding slide numbers based on variables- can someone explain this to me?

May 26, 2016

Hi everyone,

As the title suggests, I am reading LOTS about how to add slide numbering into slides on Storyline. However, I am just so confused about the one way to do this, as a lot of the discussions seem left very open to interpretations.

Can someone (sorry to be a pain) please outline the steps I need to go through as its confusing the life out of me and I really need this instruction as soon as possible. A lot of the code doesn't follow through when you click previous on a slide as it subtracts 1, but if the variable is already adding 1, the numbering doesn't end up working.

Virtual chocolates for all!

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Steve Galway

Simplest way to do it is to create a variable called slideID and assign it with an initial value of 1. Edit your master slide and add a text box. In the text box add the variable reference %slideID%. This will display the value of slideID on every slide. Now on each slide you can add a trigger to give slideID a value such as 2 on page 2, 3 on page 3 etc. When you scroll through using next and back then the text box on the master slide will update and show the corresponding slide number. 

If you know the total number of slides then you could add a totalSlides variable and have the slide numbering reflected as for example '1 of 15'. 

This is the most basic way to number slides and assumes a fairly straightforward linear progression. If you need something more complex then describe your situation and I'm sure someone can help out.


Sachin Taank

Hi everyone, its me again!! With another query!! And more virtual chocolates! This solution has worked perfectly for me. Its easy and simple to follow, until this new question. Is there any way in which we can connect this to the menu? If I navigate using the the menu (i.e. going back to a different slide), it doesnt correspond to the slide number anymore. Do you think its better to just remove the navigation menu?

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