how to add pagenumbers, while navigating the slides from the menu bar.

Jun 10, 2016

Hi team,

I have 46 slides in my storyline project. I have already added slide numbers using variables, When i will navigate through "PREV,NEXT" button it will automatically changing the page numbers correctly for all the slides. At the same time, When I am accessing through the "menu bar" slide tittles, it is not changing the page numbers. It will show the current page number only for all the slides. I want to use both the "player bar" navigation also the "menu bar" navigation in my projects, both the options should change the page numbers correctly. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Meera!

Looks like Sachin is referring to the slide properties and you can check out a tutorial here on how to do that.

I'd be curious to understand how you've implemented this variable and what triggers it to change. If clicking the next/prev buttons is what drives this, then that's probably why it doesn't work when navigating the menu.

If you could share your .story file, perhaps someone will be able to take a peek and assist in your design.

Leslie McKerchie

Did you mean to share your .story file here Sachin? 

Would you not be able to put actual page numbers on your slides? It sounds like your project may be linear, that you wish for the user to see the page number, and allow free navigation. 

If  a user visited slide 1,2,3 and then clicked the menu to go back to 1 - you would want it to say 1, right or if the user skipped ahead to 14, it should say 14 even if they went from slide 1 to 14, right?

Just trying to understand.


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