Track Scene by Subtitle in LMS

We have a course with 26 scenes, with each scene written in a different language. Each scene has a quiz with 13 questions. Our LMS reports the attendance for the course title and shows the answers to quiz questions in the respective language, but there is no way to know which language/scene was attended unless we review the quiz answers which are documented in the respective language. Is it possible to track attendance by Scene title? 




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You can use a hidden question that is answered for the user based on a variable.

1) add a text variable to capture and store which language they are viewing.

2) add a multiple selection question and add each language as a possible selection and do not mark any of them as a correct selection. Set the possible points to 0. We don't want this to actually be scored. Remove the submit button and any submit triggers.

3) In the slide view, add a trigger to each selection button. Change state of Check Box 2 - Spanish to Selected when the timeline starts on this slide if Language = value Spanish

4) make the timeline as short as possible (0.25 seconds)

5) add one more trigger: Submit name of your interaction When the timeline starts on this slide.
-BE SURE - that this trigger sits at the bottom of all of the possible change state triggers and is at the slide level. 

6) add this hidden question in each of your quiz paths.

The LMS should now pick this up as a question and report the answer as the language they selected to view the course in.

See it here

360 .story file attached.