Tracking an onboarding progress

Jul 16, 2014

hi Heroes,

Not sure if this can be done with Storyline. There is a requirement to rebuild our online onboarding program.

There are several tasks the new starters need to complete in the program, eg, complete the compliance training, talk to your manager etc.

Then there is a checklist for them to tick once they've completed each task, so they know their progress. Can it be done?

Any suggestion will be great!



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Greg Faust

Short answer: Yes, it can be done.

How elaborate are you looking to get? The simplest version of this sort of thing would look something like this:

Each checklist item has a True/False variable associated with it (Default: False).

Whenever the learner completes a task (e.g. they click the check box for having talked to their manager, they click "next" on the last slide of compliance training, etc.), there's a trigger set to adjust the corresponding variable to True.

Any page that displays completed/incompleted items has a trigger for each item listed. Something like:
Set State

Of ShowCompliance (where ShowCompliance is the name of a checkbox or other button)

To [Selected or Completed-- something that makes it clear it's done]

When Timeline starts

(show conditions)

If Variable ComplianceCompleted == True

You can also reverse some of these-- e.g. a trigger that returns TalkedToManager to False if the user unchecks the box (maybe they misclicked when they checked it).

Does that give you some idea of the direction to go, anyway?

John Toh

Thanks for your quick response Greg!

I would imagine the finished onboarding file will need to sit in the LMS for the tracking to work?

There is a chance that we might host this file at our Internet page for people to access before they start. Will the completion status you mentioned above still works?



Greg Faust

Variables are internal to the presentation, so, no, they are not automatically transmitted to your LMS or web server. To do that, there are two directions I'd suggest looking:


Use a quiz interaction to store the data and send it to an LMS. You can turn variables into quiz responses by using dummy quiz slides. Such slides would have triggers like,

Change State of [quiz answer choice]

To Variable [insert variable]

When timeline begins (i.e. the slide timeline)


Change State of [quiz answer choice]

To Selected

When timeline begins


If [insert variable] == [true/false]


Submit Interaction

When Timeline begins (i.e. the slide timeline)

This would lock your variable data in as a quiz response. I haven't used an LMS myself, but I understand they're supposed to be able to receive quiz results from Storyline.

I can't say I love this idea; it's awful kludgey. It is a possibility, though, especially if you're already tracking quiz results with your LMS.


Use Javascript. This is almost certainly the more elegant and less-roundabout method coding-wise, provided you or someone you know has Javascript and databasing skills. I don't. I can get javascript to grab storyline variables, and I'm pretty sure it's possible to get javascript to interact with a web server, but you'd need someone more knowledgeable than me to tell you more.

So, in short, maybe someone who knows more can weigh in?

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