Tracking course completion

I'm creating a course with a Score variable; if the user gets a certain score within the lesson content, they are considered done and can close the lesson. If they do not get a certain score, they must take a quiz. If I choose the "Results slide" for tracking in the LMS, the people who didn't have to take the quiz are never considered done. Any ideas how those people can be considered done?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sheryl!

I have a few ideas brewing for how you could set this up, but first I'd like to get a better idea of what you're trying to achieve. 

I understand that learners who initially achieve the completion score automatically complete the course and do not have to take the quiz. 

However, can you tell me more about learners who have to take the quiz? How do they complete the course? Do they have to score a certain percentage on the quiz?