Tracking multiple result slides for LMS

Jan 27, 2016

Hello Everyone,


I have an eLearning course where the learner can go down 4 different paths. At the end of each path they will be prompted to take a 10 question quiz (passing score of 80 on each). The learner only has to take one quiz in order to pass and it doesn't matter which path they choose.

In order to track multiple result slides I have set up a "Thank You" slide that the LMS will talk to in order to get a score.

Me telling storyline to pull results from each slide

Since each quiz result is set to an 80% passing score I have set up the combined points to be 20% (80/4=20)

The problem is whenever I test this file on the LMS I do not get the correct results if i am to pass or fail.

Below is a screenshot when i answered all questions correctly with a score of 100% (it still shows that i failed)

This is passing with 100%



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Kelby Ruiz

Walt! Thanks for the Reply.

The "thank you" slide at the end serves as our one slide that is sent to the LMS however i do not know how to work with the variables  to set it up as you have described.

I'm willing to try anything at this point. However, most of the quizzes are already baked with content. so we wouldn't want to jeopardize anything.



Walt Hamilton

The good news is that you don't have to change any content. At the end of each quiz, it can set the score from the quiz to the score on the thank you slide, and set the passing score to 80%.

The attached file does something of this nature. It takes a certain amount of time, and passes it to a results slide. It is a pass/fail situation, but can be adapted.

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