Tracking multiple results slides to Moodle

May 12, 2023

Hi there, 

I have a Storyline file (version 1) that we have added as a SCORM to Moodle, where people took a self-assessment and from their results, were put on a training pathway. We managed to set it up so that we could see every single question response given in Moodle, which has helped us to target training with individuals based on what they already know. (slide 3.69 in my screenshot)

Now we are building upon this file and have designed 2 Knowledge Check Quizzes for people to complete as well, the idea being that they can pick up where they left off with their self-assessment result, and click "Next" to go to the quizzes now that some time has passed between their self-assessment and their blended training programme (version 2) - one quiz is for those who don't use screenreaders, and an alternative quiz with a separate results slide available to those who require a fully accessible assessment (slides 4.99 and 5.19 in my screenshot).

I am now having trouble getting Storyline to track back both the self-assessment submissions where we need that specific individual data, and the overall knowledge check quiz results. All results slides are selected in the export page and listed as "final assessment" if this makes any difference. 

It is tracking each answer given in the self-assessment, and each answer given in the knowledge check, whereas we would like:

- Each answer given in the self-assessment (which is working fine)

- The final result of the knowledge check (just as passed/not passed, or with the percentage - we don't need to see the answers they selected, or that they clicked on the correct hotspots!)

If anyone can shed any light I'd be most grateful :) thank you!

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Alice, 

Thanks so much for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your course in Moodle. I understand your frustration. 

I'm having difficulty seeing your attachments. Would it be possible for you to re-upload the screenshots and your project file so we can take a closer look at your setup? 

This article describes the quiz data that Articulate sends to your LMS  I'm curious to hear if other Moodle users have come across this before and have a workaround! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!