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Aug 07, 2019

I am creating a CBT testing program in Storyline 3 that allows users to study a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)and it's associated work instructions.  There are over 25 SOPs with up to 10 associated work instructions each.  My design is to setup an interactive page that allows the user to view the SOP, then take a short quiz to test their understanding of the document.  The same is true for the associated Work Instructions. The page would also show the pass/fail results of the test and completion when they receive a passing score on the tests.  I have attached a screenshot of the proposed design.

My questions are:

  1. Will this be functional in an LMS so that multiple users can access the CBT at the same time?
  2. Should the page (slide) be set to "Resume saved state" when revisiting, so that users can take several sessions to complete the entire set of tests?
  3. Is there a "better" way to design this training?
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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Victor,

Do you need to track the results and completion of each quiz linked from your SOPs or Work Instructions? Storyline will only track and send one completion status to your LMS, although you could combine the results from multiple quizzes and result slides to reach that completion. 

There are some examples of custom methods to track multiple completion options in this article in case that helps!

I'm also curious what design tips and ideas folks in the E-Learning Heroes community have to share! 

Victor Madison

Yes Ashley, I only need to track the results of each quiz so the learner can "track" their own progress for the set of documents.  The individual results are not tracked by the LMS, however on completion of ALL of the tests, I branch out (trigger) to a "dummy" test and results page that is used by the LMS to track completion.  The dummy test has one true/false question with only the correct answer set to selected.  The question is automatically submitted and continues to the results page.  The results page has a cover layer that serves as the final page for the module. This is tracked by the LMS.  Kind of quirky but it works. 

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