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Jan 09, 2013

I am working on a course that has multiple scenarios that the learner must complete.  We want the learner to be able to complete them in any order, however they must complete them all in order to continue to the course. 

I want to have a slide that looks like this (just a dummy slide for now) -

The learner would click on either number 1, 2, 3 or 4 and that would take them to a new scene with multiple slides.  Once they get to the end of the slide in that scene I want them to be taken back to this slide and I want the checkbox to get filled in.  Then once all the check boxes are filled they can click the next button to move on. 

I know how to do everything except make the checkboxes show as marked once they complete the scenario.  Can anyone help me?



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Juanjo Haro

Hi... i'm doing somethinf similar and i work like this.

Create one variable for each scenario, all set to 0 in the variables box

Everytime you complete the scenario, put his variable to 1

In the main scene, put a trigger like: change estate of the marker if the variable == 1. This will execute everytime you return to the scenario

In another trigger: activate or unhide the button if the variable if the prevoius scenario is 1. 

so, every time you complete the scenario and return to the menu, it will check the variable and activate the button and change the marker.

Hope this will help you

Andrew Kaminsky

Ok - I have tried this.  In scenario #1 (which is in a new scene) I created a variable called completed.  I set the initial value to 0.  It looks like this.

On the last slide of the scenario I created a trigger to change the value of 'completed' to 1 when the user clicks the next button.  (note, the next button directs then back to the original menu slide).

Then on the original menu slide I created a trigger to change the state of my object to change from 'initial' to 'completed' when the variable 'completed' changes. 

Everything seems to be set up correctly but when I actually go into the course, click on the first scenario and then click the next button to go back to the menu the state of the object is not changing.

I did some testing and it will change if I create the variable on the same slide but I cant get it to work if I go to a different slide and then come back the main one. 

Any ideas as that what I might be doing wrong?



Juanjo Haro

Hummm.. i think the variables are some kind of global... 

As you explain, it seems to be right what are you doing... can you share the file to see in action? Or, if you prefer i will send you one. I'm running the demo of articulate and working against clock to make one course work but i think i could make you an example.

Andrew Kaminsky

So I think that I got it to work.  The original triggers that I created in each scenario were fine.  I created a new trigger on the main slide that changes the state of my object to completed when the timeline starts and created a condition that the variable must be greater than or equal to 1.   Now when the learner completes the activity and clicks to return to the menu, that slide starts and the condition is now met which allows the trigger to work. 

Not sure if that was the best way to make it work - but it does so I am going with it

Thanks for the help - I wouldnt have figured it out without that as a starting point.


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