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Sep 15, 2021

I am developing a game that uses questions (I used the quiz feature) to score the user. There are 5 questions + 1 final question. For each correct answer the score is 10 and incorrect lose 5 points. The final question is 20 points if correct and 0 if incorrect. The score needs to adjust and tally for each question. e.g Q1 score =10, Q2 score = -5, Q3 score = 10; Q4 score= 10, Last Question score = 0. each question score should tally the previous scores along the way...10-5+10+10+0

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Scott Wiley

Sorry if unclear. I'm wondering if, when you intend to include an image in your post, does it have to be from your current file host? 


From what I can see in the page source, it looks like the screenshot you posted is being served from here.


When I uploaded a screenshot in my post and review the page source, it appears to be served from here.

My question: 

Do you have any other options for hosting your screen capture images?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi Scott & Gail!
There seems to be some confusion in our thread, so I’d like to step in and clear things up!

Scott, the image you’re not able to see actually came from me, not Gail, who is the author of this post. This is the first report I’ve received of someone having an issue viewing these, so I’d be happy to provide these to you in a different manner at your request!

This is what I sent Gail:

Form View - score

I would encourage you to speak with your IT department to check why they're blocking the images. 

Following up on your issue, Gail, you can add a reference to Results.Scorepoints throughout your quiz, which will show the user's current score, as long as you're submitting the answers one by one, instead of all at once in the end.

Let me know if this works!