Translation Export file format

Jun 30, 2021

Hello. It looks like there have been changes to the format of a Translation Export file to Word?

After exporting to Word, all content in the source text column is the same size of 19.5. In most places, this does not match what I have in my course. For example, my notes are all size 11. Also, all content in the Translate column is the same size and font of Calibri 11.

Is this now expected behavior, as previously I believe the source and translated text matched the format applied in the course? 

Also, what will be the result when I import it back in? Will it maintain all my original formatting like it did before? I believe whatever format was in the Translate column would be applied in the course.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Thomas!

Yes, there have been changes to the document when exporting the translation to Word! Here are more details!

The text format will stay the same when importing the Word document back into Storyline 360. If you see something different on your end, I'm happy to help by taking a look at your .story file.

Here's a two-minute video where I've exported the translation to Word, made a few changes to the document, and then imported the Word document back into Storyline 360.