Translation tool within Articulate

Mar 27, 2023

Will you integrate any translation tool into Articulate 360 (Rise, Storyline) please? I'm creating contents in English and will need to translate them in different languages. It will be easier if a translation tool is directly incorporated within Articulate and will avoid manipulations and waste of time.

Thank you

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Eric Santos

Hi Rabea,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, and great idea opening a case as well!

I see you've connected with my teammate, Darrell, and he informed you that a built-in translation service for Storyline and Rise 360 is a feature we are monitoring. He also shared that currently, you can export text from Rise 360, Storyline 360, and Studio 360, then translate it and import it back into your courses. 

Translating Courses:

We'll continue the conversation in your support case, should you have additional concerns. Thank you!