Translation (without legacy junk)

Hi, a client recently asked us to translate a course. When we exported the course for translation (word/excel), we notice there was a lot of text that is not in the lesson. Further investigation revealed that this was basically "junk" that was left-over from the original template we used, but that wasn't exposed onscreen. 

In other words, we had legacy bits of text that weren't connected to anything, never show up in the lesson, but now pollute our translation file.  

Beyond painstakingly examining each piece, is there anyway to clean this file up so it only show text that was actually used in the lesson?


Many thanks,


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Katie Riggio

Yikes, that's definitely uncanny behavior. Thanks for reaching out here about it, Ian! 

Could you help me out with some extra information?

  • What version of Storyline are you using? 
  • Are you working from your local hard drive? If you're working on a network drive, or any other external storage, that might be causing this issue.

If you wouldn't mind sharing your course here by clicking on ADD ATTACHMENT, I would love to test it on my end as well. Please also feel free to send it privately here.