Transparent Shapes When Clicked?

Hi! Is there a way to make a shape transparent when someone clicks it? I'm creating a 1-question quiz slide, multiple choice, and I would like to change the settings of the shapes (answer choices) when selected. I noticed the default (blue outline when selected) is barely noticeable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Jan Vilbrandt

Do you really mean "transparent" = invisible? The lerner can not click this Option again, if it is invisible.

Since you mentioned  the "blue outline" I assume you are thinking about to change the standard "selected state". You can edit the state of your shapes, so they are no longer blue but anything you like:

Edit one shape and use the format painter to copy the new "selected state" to the other boxes.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Emily,

You could change the selected state's shape to have some transparency - I'd recommend not being fully transparent, as Jan mentioned that'll be invisible. You'll also want to make sure that the shape still has a "Fill" associated with it. No fill means that there wouldn't be anything for them to click on.

Emily Lin

Sorry...I don't want it to be completely invisible. My initial thought was to have the shapes/answer choices appear somewhat transparent, compared to their normal state, when selected. This way it's more obvious that it's been selected. I know how to adjust the transparency in general (right click>format shape>transparency), but I can't figure out how to get it back to it's normal state when it's been deselected. 

My other thought was, if I can't get the above to work the way I'm envisioning, how can I change the default blue that appears when that shape/answer choice is selected? it's not as noticeable. I've tried watching videos, and no one brings this up. I'm not quite sure I'm understanding Jan's response either, as I am new to using articulate.

Jan Vilbrandt

You can change the selected state of every "answer shape", by clicking "edit states".

Change the selected state to the view you like and copy your work with the format painter to the other shapes. Storyline will take care of changing the state from normal to selected and back to normal. You do not need any manual triggers because it is a build-in state.

Take a look at the manual für "Add and edit states":

This manual is for Storyline 2 but it doesn't matter if you are using storyline 2, 3 or Articulate 360 because it's the same.