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Jan 05, 2017

I'm looking for inspiration and I've now started overthinking the whole process!

I've been asked to make a 'treasure hunt' for a client. This involves a static image with a number of things incorrect that students have to find. When they click on the 'offending' article I'd like for a check mark to appear and remain on the slide, so they don't have to click on the same thing multiple times.

1) Can anyone suggest a methodology for this, please?

2) Is it possible to have a counter running to give some indication of how many they've found?


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Luke Benfield

Hi Lawrence,

1) I would suggest either using hotspots or a transparent shape (Transparent, not "No Fill") over the spots where they are supposed to click on the image. Also, you can add and edit the Visited states for each of those shapes to incorporate your checkmarks.

2) For the Counter, I would suggest a number variable. You can create a variable (let's call this Counter) and set the default value to 0. You'll need to add triggers ("Adjust Variable - Counter - Add - Value - 1 - When User Clicks - Shape") for each object they should click on. Somewhere on the screen you can add a text box or shape with the following text: %Counter% Objects Found of XX Total Objects (or something similar). This will show them on screen how many objects they've located in real time.

The only issue with the above is that in theory, you could click on an object multiple times to keep adding 1 to the Counter variable. To solve this, you may want to add a condition to each of the Adjust Variable triggers such that the corresponding shape must equal the Normal State.

In theory, that should do the trick. Hope that helps.

Tracy Parish

Hi Lawrence:

Here's one way you could do it.  Place transparent shapes over the items users might click.  Add states to the shapes for correct/incorrect choices.  Use triggers to have the states appear when they click the shape. 

Then to have a counter running....over many slides you might want to use a number variable and add 1 to it each time the user clicks a correct item.  (see my example - smiley faces). The benefit to this is that you can force the counter (in this case smiley faces) to fill in as the count goes up from right to left (or your choice).

 Or, especially over one slide, you might just have the state of the counter also change as the user clicks the correct/incorrect choices.  (see the Xs on my example)  The reason you might not want to do this is (in my example) each strike (X) corresponds to a different bad choice.  If they pick 1, 2, 3 the Xs would fill in 1, 2, 3 and that would look "normal".  If they click 2, 3, 1 then then X's will fill in the same order and seems "wrong" visually.  It's still showing them they got three incorrect.

Hope this helps and thanks you inspired a blog post for me today. 

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