Tricksy, Tricksy!

My project includes a video/lecture slide and then several slides with interactions.  Each interaction has a Results slide that reports to a master Results slide that will be reported via SCORM to Moodle.  I need to show Completed/Incomplete in the SCORM results.

My problem is that I need the results to include whether the video/lecture slide was completed.  If the learner skipped the video/lecture slide (I have free navigation) the LMS results need to show Incomplete for the course.

So, I have been trying to trick Storyline into submitting a dummy interaction from the video/lecture slide to a Results slide and thus to the master Results slide.  This is what I have tried so far:

  1. Convert the video/lecture slide to Freeform/drag and drop.  Set up a Drag-rectangle offslide, and put it on another rectangle as a dropzone.  Set a slide trigger to change the state of the rectangle to DropCorrect when the slide starts.  Then I set a trigger to submit the interaction when the timeline ends.  ... No dice.  When it submits, I get an error message that the interaction is not completed.
  2. Manually set the value of the variable Results.ScorePoints and then submit those results to the Master Results slide. ... Nope. The trigger to set value of a variable does not offer Results.ScorePoints as an option to set.  So I suppose that the system variables are not available to be manually set.

Does anyone have an idea to trick Storyline into reporting completion of a slide that does not have an interaction to score?

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Annie Jean

Hi Meryem,

If I had to do it, I would probably do it with a True/False question.

Then, set the trigger to change state of the lets-say-False radio button to selected when the timeline of the video starts

then, set the trigger to change state fo the lets-say-True radio button (correct answer) when the timeline of the video ends

then, submit the interaction on the action you choose (next button, custom button, shape, whatever you want)

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


Phil Mayor

I would add another question and results slide, this question is automatically scored based on a T/Fvariable that is marked true when  when the media @(your video) is cocompleted the question slide and video can be jumped over using jump to next slide on timeline start but will report to LMS through your results slide of results slslide the question could be T/F and be called has the video been viewed.

use triggers to change t/f to selected based on the variable value, to submit the interaction and to jump to results slide, on the results slide set a variable to jump to next slide on timeline start

Meryem M

Phil and Annie,

Thanks!  I was able to insert a slide following my video/lecture with just a T/F question.  Based on a variable on media completion, I then set T to selected state and submitted the Interaction.  Finally, after firing 4 triggers, the final trigger jumps to the next slide when the timeline starts.

The only quirk with this tricksy solution is that there is a delay of about half a second while these triggers fire, and the question slide shows for a flicker of time. So, I threw up a handy-dandy rectangle the color of the background over the question, so it looks like the following slide has a delayed fade-in. 

I still have testing to do to see if this actually reports to Moodle the way I want, but I'm hopeful with this solution.