Trigger Condition - Hide Object on Tab Click

I have an interactive tab slide with a textbox on the base layer.  I want the textbox object to trigger to hidden state once the learner clicks on one of the tabs.

I know I can create separate triggers for each tab to hide the textbox but I was was wondering if there was a more efficient way to do this on just one trigger? I created a trigger for when they click on tab 1 and used On Condition to add trigger conditions using OR statements to account for each tab click. This works great if the learner clicks on tab 1 first but if they click on any other tab first, the textbox object won't hide.

What am I missing? It's probably something simple.


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Mike DiFonzo

Fantastic! I didn't think to use Object Events > State to control the trigger. I was focused on Mouse Events when user clicked on something. 

Using when any of the tabs is not Normal didn't work to hide the object for some reason.  I used the trigger when Any of the tabs Are selected and that did hide the object. 

Thanks for the quick response and fix.