Trigger conditions bug (and workaround)


I've come across a bug that affects trigger conditions in the new triggers design. In my attached example you can see the button has 2 triggers. One opens Layer 1 if the variable %Num% is 10 or less, the other opens Layer 2 if the variable is greater than 10. As you can see, both layers open, meaning that the second trigger is ignoring it's condition.

This bug occurs when you duplicate a trigger and then edit the conditions such as removing one of them.

The most difficult part is to spot that you have this problem as you may be staring at the simplest triggers and conditions wondering why it isn't working. Fortunately, once you know that you have this problem, the workaround it pretty simple. You can either

a) Delete and remake the trigger from scratch

b) If you drag the conditions to rearrange them (this can be done even if there is only a single condition) then I think that remakes them in the new order which also removes the problem.

But anyway, please fix this Articulate.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Stephen!

Thank you for attaching the .story file! You're right, this does look odd. I tested it out on my end, and unfortunately, I can't reproduce the bug. Copying the triggers and editing the conditions still displayed only one layer.

Are you seeing this in multiple projects, or just this one slide? 

Also, which version of Storyline are you on? 

Stephen Walker

Hi Lauren, I am using Storyline360 v3.35.21017.0

Yes, I have seen this in other projects where interactions have triggers & conditions around the value of variables. I was able to reproduce the bug in a blank storyline file as shown.

It's a shame that you cannot see what I am seeing. This is how the course looks for me:

Lauren Connelly

Thank you for sharing this! 

Have you tried a simple repair of Storyline 360? 

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch your Articulate 360 desktop app by clicking the Articulate icon in your computer's system tray (beside the clock) or by double-clicking the Articulate 360 shortcut on your desktop.
  2. Hover over Storyline 360 until a drop-down arrow appears, then click the arrow and choose Uninstall Storyline 360.
  3. When Storyline has finished uninstalling, reboot your computer.
  4. Launch your Articulate 360 desktop app again, then click the Install button next to Storyline 360. A fresh copy of Storyline will automatically install.
  5. Reboot your computer again and test Storyline.

Afterward, try building the same slide in a new project. Can you let me know if you still see both layers appearing?