Trigger doesn't "overwrite" trigger with conditions

Mar 16, 2015

Hi all, I'm using various triggers on a slide to change the status of different forms (i.e. normal, selected, disabled). Some triggers include conditions, such as: [1] change status of object A to selected, when user clicks, [condition] when status of object B is not selected.

Well, this works quite fine. But when the user clicks another button afterwards wich triggers the following: [2] "change status of object A to disabled, when user clicks", nothing happens until the user clicks a further button, which chances the status of object B to not selected, and then clicks again to trigger action [2].

May it be possible, that trigger [2] is not able to "overwrite" trigger [1] which includes the condition? When action [2] is triggered before action [1] everything works fine. I would be really grateful for any way out of this dilemma.

Thanks in advance,


PS: Screenshot "action_2.png" shows how it should look like. Screenshot "action_1.png" shows the bug.

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Christine Heger

Dear Emily,

one of my fantastic colleagues managed to solve the issue this morning. :-) The whole functionality was affected by the phenomenon, described in this article on the integrated disabled status: 

Our solution: we added a trigger to the existing one:

1.      change status to normal when user clicks [additional trigger]

2.      change status to disabled when user clicks

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