trigger going to the wrong layer

Feb 02, 2015

I've got a slide with multiple layers. All the triggers work correctly except one which then leads down the wrong path.

In this notebook senario (attached) clicking on each Tab leads correctly to the correct Tab and the corresponding "pages" inside each Tab. However, when in Tab 2 there are two buttons for the viewer. Button one "Show me..." leads correctly to a video. Upon completion the viewer is returned to Tab2. Button two "Thanks, let's move on" should lead to Tab3. While it appears at first to do that (the general content is the same), in reality it leads to an old Tab2 (notice the Tab2 rectangle is blue).  The viewer can run through the next several steps (content is correct) and then gets to the real Tab3 and has to repeat the process. I have deleted and inserted the trigger command for the button. I've closed out and opened Articulate and my computer several times. I cannot figure out why the trigger for Button two says it will lead to Tab3 when it does not. I do know that originally those steps were under Tab2 (2c,2d, etc) and I copied those layers to create the layers for Tab3. But I've since deleted layers 2c,2d,2e, etc and yet that's where the trigger seems to be pointing.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Linda!

The button is working correctly, and is showing the Tab3 layer. Since the tab was opened using a button within tab2, the base layer states are not being updated, and the Tab2/Tab3 buttons on the base layer will still be showing as before. When clicking from the base layer, it will work as designed.

You will need to add a trigger to change the state of Tab2 object to normal when clicking the button, and to change the state of Tab3 to selected when the button is clicked as well. 

See attached file.

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