Trigger issue

Feb 17, 2021

I have an image which the user needs to click on five incorrect items. The five areas in the image are covered by hotspots. I have a variable that increases when an incorrect item is clicked. I want to show a “Congratulations” layer when all five items have been clicked. Unfortunately, the trigger “Show layer” “Congratulations” when “variable changes” with the variable “Hotspot_clicked_count” and the condition “Hotspot_clicked_count==Equal to 5.00” is at the top of the trigger list and is never activated. I cannot move the trigger to the bottom of the list.  The other triggers show another layer with a comment when a particular item is clicked.  I have tried various things, but cannot arrive at a solution.

Not certain how to program around this.
What I want to occur is immediately when the fifth item is selected, the “Congratulations” layer to appear instantaneously. (Items do not need be clicked in a specific order)

Thanks for any feedback.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Dave,

Without seeing your .story file, my initial thought would be to check on the trigger that increases the value of "Hotspot_clicked_count" to make sure it is adding up to five. If you add a textbox to your slide showing that variable, do you see the count reaching five?

If you feel comfortable sharing your .story file here, I would be glad to take a look, and others in the community might be able to offer suggestions as well. 

Walt Hamilton

If all these triggers are in the same list, you have to realize that once the sequence is initiated, all the triggers are processed. It sounds to me like the congratulations layer is shown, but before you can see it, one of the explanation layers is shown and closes the congratulations layer.

I'm pretty sure firing the triggers when the hotspots are clicked will work better than when the variable changes. You could probably put the information layer triggers above the congratulations layer trigger, and Congratulations would hide the information layer. Reading the description, I'm not sure that's what you want. I think you have to make a priorities decision between allowing random order with clicks followed by an information layer, and having the congratulations layer show immediately. In the real world, I think those two things are mutually exclusive.

Dave Hoffman

Thanks everyone for the responses.  I was able to complete the project.  How I solved it was once the items hotspot was clicked, the layer with feedback was displayed.  I placed an identical hotspot on that feedback layer using a hover over command checking if hotspot_clicked_count==Equal to 5.   That was the key to immediately show the layer congratulations if all items had been clicked.  Thus I had no need to use the trigger count on the base layer.  That base layer trigger was the problem since I could not reorder that particular trigger.  It would always be placed at the top of the list and never get triggered.  Again, thanks for the help.