Trigger objects and shapes in Storyline 2

Nov 04, 2014

Hi All,

Our firm is considering an upgrade to Storyline 2, and I am building up a short presentation using SL2 to display all the new features. Must say that SL2 sees a quantum leap in terms of better control over everything in general while working on courses. From better text to much needed tweaks in animations, triggers and the interface.

Getting to the point. Triggers.

Having an option to trigger objects and shapes within a layer seems to be the only thing that I've truly missed (also requesting/reporting) in both versions of SL. There is a gamut of snappy interactions that can be built with such triggers. You'd get where I come from if you have chanced on using Lectora.

Is there a workaround present in SL2 by which objects can be triggered within a layer? Please share some tips around this. If none, would love to see this in the next update to Storyline 2.

Cheers to the A-team!!

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Atit Patel

Thanks Wilson! However, I am referring to triggers such as "Show", which could either show a new layer, or a shape or text within the same layer. Right now we have a "Show Layer", and any click to reveal activity needs new layers along with a close/return button to get back to the base layer, or possibly have the buttons/tabs on each layer to make it completely dynamic.

Layers work well no doubt, but the ability to have triggers show and hide things within a layer entices me. Hope this is clearer than in my initial post.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Atit,

What about a trigger to change the state of an object - is that what you're saying by show or hide? You can set that up currently for an of your objects, and maybe you'll find helpful information by reviewing the information here on the definition of built in states. 

Also, if you  have thoughts for other features - please feel free to share them directly with our product development team here. 

Bj Wilson

Layers within storyline are really cool because you can choose to show or
hide what is on any other layer and/or the base layer. You can hide
and/show objects and/or shapes on any layer by making use of object states
as Ashley has said.

Sounds like you may want to use hidden states for objects within your layer
and then triggers to reveal them when a particular activity on the layer is
completed. Does this help or are we missing something?

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