Trigger on hotspot not working after layer hides and base layer is showing again

Feb 13, 2018

Hi All,

I already read some other threads on here with no solution, so I am posting this here:

I have a project where I have a custom navigation layer that shows when the mouse hovers over a hotspot in the lower part of the base layer. While the navigation layer is showing, the timeline on the base layer is paused. When the user clicks a hot spot on the navigation layer the layer hides and the timeline on the base layer continues. Now I have the case where I have step-by-step slides in try mode and the user is supposed to click on a hotspot on the base layer to make the screen recording action start, after the screen recording action completes a trigger makes the slide jump to the next slide where we have another interaction that the user must complete and so on.

When the user reaches the slide in question (slide no 5.11 in the attached storyline file), the hotspot works fine the first time. After going to the navigation layer and going back, though, the trigger on the hotspot does not respond anymore and there is no way but the "next" button on the nav layer for the user to advance.

In case you have any ideas how to make this hotspot and trigger on the base layer of slide 5.11 work consistently, I would appreciate if you could share.

Thanks in advance


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Tim Ivanic

Hi Alyssa,

That is exactly the build I am using. Please note that in the preview within storyline, everything seems to work, it's only the published html file that is causing issues. We have it stored on an SVN location internally, so there might be something there...I can share the published project via a OneDrive link if you wish. Although I would prefer doing that by email ;)




Tim Ivanic

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for putting it on the share. I did indeed experience the same phenomenon, trigger on hotspot works well if just clicked without hovering on the navigation layer first, when rewinding by means of the navigation layer and retrying it the second time, it gets stuck / the trigger for the action to progress does not work.

Strange side note: I tried it today locally on my computer with the published file which is currently NOT in a folder shared via SVN and it seems to work consistently without failing anywhere.

Crystal Horn

Hey Tim!  Thanks for the detail on how to reproduce the behavior you're seeing.  Can you have a look at my Peek to see if I'm doing the same thing you are?

I began the exercise, clicked on the hotspots and then hovered to show the navigation layer.  I used the previous arrow on the navigation layer, and then I returned to the exercise.  I was still able to proceed.  I followed that process on 5.11 and subsequent steps.

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