Trigger Ordering Question

Sep 14, 2013

I've set up a slide layer with two triggers- one sends the user to a 'Ya Done Good' layer if the text input is correct and the other to a 'Ya Didn't Do Good' layer if the text input is incorrect. The slide is not set up as a freeform quiz question- simply the two redirect triggers with conditions. Here are the triggers:

I think I understand the concept of trigger ordering and its importance and my slide works fine if these triggers fire in the sequence shown above- what I don't understand in this case is why my slide refuses to work if I reverse these two triggers. It redirects to the Results NOT OK layer no matter if the answer is correct. Why wouldn't this logic work correctly regardless of the order? It seems to me that if the Results OK trigger fires first, it would see the correct answer, fire the second one and with the conditions met there as well, see the correct answer and redirect to the Results OK layer. I should probably just accept that one order works and the other doesn't and move on, forever confused... but I'd sure like to understand this. Someone show me the error in my thinking here?

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