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Aljonell Patiga

Hi Anna,

Thanks for taking your time to post your concern, I tried to replicate this on my end and got the same result the first time, so what I did is I removed the trigger and added it back and it started working.

Here's what the new trigger looks like:

Action: Choose Pause Media

Media: Choose your audio media

When:Choose Mouse Hovers Over

Object:Choose your pause button

Then keep the "Resume playbacks when the user hovers out" option checked. I hope this works for you and if not, just reply to this thread and I'll be glad to check it further.


Ren Gomez

Hi Anna,

Thanks for sharing those details of what you're running into. It looks like we have a bug reported where:

A button set to pause audio when mouse hovers does not restore on mouse leave.

I'm sorry this is affecting your course; I'll be sure to update you in this discussion when there's any news to share on a fix.