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Jun 25, 2017

Hi all.  I have a course with branching and I want the main page to automatically advance to the conclusion once the student has visited five paths.  The main page has five buttons and I have created a Visited state for each, and then set a trigger to jump to the Conclusion page when all five are visited.  However, this means that as soon as I click the fifth one, instead of taking me down the fifth path it takes me to the Conclusion page.  Can someone help me figure this out?  

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

try adding T/F variables for each path if they can be done in any order or if they must be done in a specific order just create one T/F variable for path5.  

If any order - On the last slide of each path set the trigger to adjust variable path1 = true when timeline starts, or timeline ends or media completes) - do this for all paths

If specific order - On the last slide of path5 set the trigger adjust variable path5 = true when timeline starts, or timeline ends or media completes).

Then on the main slide set a trigger to jump to conclusion slide when timeline starts on condition path5 variable = true

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie


I have a created a sample file for you with just two paths then I created a Peek video as I did the third path - showing you how to create the variable, the order of triggers on the quiz slide (order is very important), then previewed the project so you can see how it works.

Shout out if you don't understand anything.

Peek video

Katie L.

Hi Wendy.  I'm just now getting back to this and I appreciate what you've shared with me.  But it doesn't look like this automatically advances to the conclusion page?  I have to click the Next button when I'm bounced back to the landing page even though the three boxes show as Visited.  What I'm looking for is a way to auto-advance once the student has visited all 5 pages.  Right now I have it set up so it briefly bounces back to that landing page, recognizes that all the path buttons are in the visited state, and then auto-advances to the conclusion.  But the client isn't happy with that brief flash of the landing page before the auto-advance.  Have you (or anyone) any ideas for a solution?

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