Trigger to make buttons appear on base layer?

Jul 17, 2013


I have a hierarchical diagram (business structure) which is composed of buttons, each button triggering a different interactive slide. One button on this first screen is for an umbrella area, so I have made this trigger a layer which shows two areas/buttons underneath it.

The problem I now have is how to set my 'do not pass' rules. I started setting a true/false variable to identify when the screen interactions are complete, but then I realised this won't allow me to say when the two buttons on the layer have been visited. (By the way, I have tried this true/false variable strategy once and it worked, but when I tried it recently in another module which already used a true/false variable, it didn't seem to recognise it. Are there problems with using multiple variables in one course?)

I then thought that perhaps there might be a way of making the buttons appear on the base layer. Is this possible? I don't use any animations, audio or video, so I rarely use the timeline, and I don't want the buttons to just appear randomly. Any ideas?


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Lil Monk

Hi Bruce

Here's a skeleton of the story. It would be helpful if there is some way for me to trigger the Service1a and Service1b buttons to appear on the base layer. Alternatively, if you can tell me some other way to set rules so that the learner cannot get to the Review screen until they have visited all screens.


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