Trigger to move an object with the freeform motion path

Jun 02, 2015

I have added a freeform motion path to an object. To activitate the freeform motion path, I have set up a trigger to move the object when the user clicks a specific radio button. This works out properly, but the same freeform motion path is also activated when the timeline starts. I don't want the object to move until the trigger has been activated. How can I remove the motion at the start of the timeline? 

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Julie Taylor

Hi  my base slide has a motion path set to a trigger to start when timeline starts, which works fine until you visit a layer and return to the base it won't run again. I want it to auto trigger each time the learner returns to the base layer. I have set the base and all layers to 'reset to initial state when revisited' but it won't fire off. What am I missing any thoughts.

Cheers Julie

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