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Anna Veach

Sure, I just have a plain slide with a button in the top left (like is shown on the tutorial). I've created a second slide in the timeline and set it up with content. I want to set a trigger so that when the button on slide 1 is clicked, it proceeds to slide 2. Eventually I'll have other buttons on slide 1 which will go to other slides to present scenarios. Does that make sense? Since I started with the template from the tutorial, I'm wondering if there are some settings I don't know about so I'm going to try recreating it from a fresh new project. At this point even the next button doesn't work.

george louis

I am having  doubt about trigger. I draw one rectangle, named as 1 and kept a trigger to show a layer. and i draw another rectangle, and named it as 2, and kept a trigger to show a layer. when i previewing it, when i click 1 it show a layer, but i click 2, it hide the layer of 1 and show 2 layer... I want 1 to hold when i click 2.