Triggers and Condition for Next Button

Feb 07, 2013

I have setup my triggers and a condition for the next button.  It is working fine on scene 1.  I setup the same thing on the Master Slide for scene 2, but it is not moving past slide 2.  I've attached the file.



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Donna Morvan

Hello Gayle,

I can't access the file anymore but anyways, check if there's a trigger created to adjust the variable and set the value to "true" when the timeline ends for the slide. From what I remember, there was none and you need to have that on the slide itself for the trigger to work.

You may also want to make sure you rename your variables accordingly if they're tracking different items. The variable you're using to track in scene 1 should be completely separate from the one you're using on scene 2.

Hope this helps,


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