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Sep 11, 2013

This is my first fully developed course in Storyline, before was just tinkering around to learn the product and I am running into some roadblocks.  I have been looking for days and I can't seem to find a solution or a reason that these issues keep happening or if what I am trying to achieve is even possible.

1.  I have slide layers and I want the user to click through each layer before the next button will allow them to move forward.  So far, this isn't working and the next button moves whenever it is clicked on regardless of if each layer has been viewed. 

2.  I am wanting to restrict the navigation so the user is on a slide for a minimum amount of time, anywhere from 5-10 seconds.  I have done this with Presenter but can't seem to accomplish it with Storyline.

3.  I have a slide where there are 4 picture and my intent was the user click on each picture to make it hidden and when all pictures are hidden then the user is able to go to the next slide.  So far, the user can go to the next sslide regardless of if they have hidden each slide or not. Each picture has a trigger set to it that says when the user clicks on it then it is hidden.  I have also set a condition on the next button that if TagSlideComplete = true, then the user jumps to next slide when next button is clicked. Below are what I have set for the variable change.

Action: Adjust variable

Variable: TagSlideComplete Type = True/False Value: False

Operator = Assignment

Value: Value = True

When: State

On: All Of

All 4 pictures are selected

Are: Hidden

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Amanda,

For the story that you've attached (a slide with the pictures that are to be hidden and a summary slide), you can modify the Jump to the next slide trigger so that it looks like this:

For the minimum time, you can:

Place a shape offstage and position it on the timeline for that time minimum. For example, if you want Learners to stay on the slide for 8 seconds, position the shape at 8 seconds on the timeline.

Add a trigger to change the shape to selected when the timeline for that shape starts

Modify the Jump to the next slide trigger with the condition that it only works if the shape's state is equal to selected

For the layers example, it depends! Can you upload that story?

Please shout out with questions. These instructions were pretty bare-bones for now, need to get back to work but will check in later, and others, like Harri, are here as well.

Amanda Deardorff

Rebecca, Thanks for the instructions, it worked like a charm! As far as the layers go, the slide should be in the story that I attached.  What is happening is I set the next button to show the layer and on the last slide, it jumps to the next slide, is that even possible or does the "Jump to next" have to be on the main layer?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Amanda,

Glad the first set of instructions worked. Sorry, I didn't see the layers on slide 1.2. I added a slide 1.3, and I think it's doing what you want.

I don't typically use the next button to move between layers, and my original approach with a variable count didn't work BUT I remembered that I'd seen a solution somewhere here in the community a while back, I found it here, and I saw what John P. did differently. So I

created a numeric variable called summarycount, default value=0.


modified the next button trigger to add 1 to summarycount when user clicks

added a trigger to show Summary-Copy when the summarycount variable changes and =1


added a trigger to show Summary-Copy(2) when the summarycount variable changes and =2


added a trigger to jump to the next slide when the summarycount variable changes and =3

Oh, and for good measure on the First Layer Slide I added an "oops" Layer to tell Learners what's wrong if they click Next without clicking all the tags.

Please shout out with questions!

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