Triggers and Variables

Dec 13, 2022

Hi,  I have a request to do a pre-training containing 24 'cards' users to narrow down/select a certain amount.  Before developing the training, I wanted to mock up something to ensure I was doing this correctly.  I believe there is something set up wrong with my triggers/variables that are pulling in on the last slide... hoping that someone can look over my work and let me know where I made a mistake. 

I attached the story for review.  I'm able to get 2 of the choices to show on the last slide, which is why I believe something is up with my variables or triggers.  


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Andrea Schneider

Thank you for your suggestion.  It's interesting because I need to see where I'm using that trigger multiple times on the slide when I look at the triggers..

Example attached

Is it possible if you copy and paste that the triggers stay behind the scnese somewhere?   I'm not seeing where these are assigned to Card1-1

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

all toggle trigger are broken

it is a storyline bug with the new toggle feature

if you duplicate a toggle trigger and change the variable - it's broken

how to fix

change toggle -> Set (you see, here is the wrong variable)

change the variable

change set -> toggle

and the same for the other 17 toggle trigger

Walt Hamilton

Jurgen is right, there is a problem with the toggle triggers. Even if they aren't broken, they are unpredictable. With the toggling back and forth, it's hard to predict or use their end state.

The problem with sorting items this way in SL is that you need a way to know which ones have been used.

The attached sample uses fewer variables and triggers, and seems to work, although the testing I have done on it is pretty shallow. Notice that similar variables show similar and predictable usage patterns. Jurgen's first post was asking (as was I) why the originals did not.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

Walt is right - the toggle trigger are not broken - only the "Use count view" is broken

my example with two toggle trigger buttons is working correct - even if the calculation is incorrect internally


Andrea Schneider

Thank you both for helping me with this!  That is disappointing and frustrating with the toggle trigger.  I updated my slide, and now it's good...  the only issue I'm having now is that not all he selections are populating on the last slide.   I'm relatively new to using articulate and variables, so I feel like this is tripping me up. 

Walt - your template works great!! 

I would like to know why you set it up this way...  

Slide 1.1 - the triggers are primarily on a layer... why is that? 

the last slide and how it is set up...  can you explain why all the triggers are unassigned? 

Always looking to learn!! :)

Walt Hamilton

To get the selections to populate requires some logic changes. It’s hard not to skip what I called choices, or skip a selection, while at the same time not using a selection more than once.

The triggers are on layers for two reasons:

1. There are so many of them, putting some on layers spreads them out and unclutters the base.

2. I use them like what programmers call subroutines. That is, I can create them once, and use them many times from many places. For example, if there are 20 identical triggers that I want to execute every time objects are clicked, I can write one trigger (show layer) and the layer executes them. I don’t have to write them all for when conditions or objects change.

All the work is done by the Assign Variables layers. The last slide had left over triggers that were unassigned because I deleted their variables. I have updated it.

Andrea Schneider

Thank you, Walt, you have been a huge help!!   I see that you are on here quite often!  

Would you happen to have a suggestion for this project.. I'm wondering if I'm going about it the wrong way or making this more difficult than it needs to be...  if there is a template I could use... I would LOVE that!! 

30 leader expectations on screen, drag each into three 3 buckets; the results of 1 of the buckets need to populate on the next screen where the user will choose the top 5 from that bucket.
Any templates out here for such a thing?