Triggers displaying wrong buttons and reporting to LMS issues

Feb 04, 2020

I am currently trying to build a standardisation task for markers where they mark candidates’ work and the overall mark has to be within the right passband for them to pass the task. They have three attempts to get it right, with a different set of tasks for each attempt. If they get it right on the first or second attempt, they don’t need to complete the other remaining tasks.

I have built this using numeric entry variables that calculate a total, and created passband variables based on the total being within the parameters for each level of pass. I have then set button triggers to appear based on if the passband matches the benchmark or not. The button doubles as a ‘Pick One’ question which submits a score if they get it right.

Please see Storyline file attached.

I am looking for help with the following issues please:

  • Standardisation task 3 shows the wrong button for Merit and Distinction which then mistakenly marks it as right when it is clicked. It has the same triggers as the other two standardisation tasks. Why is this happening?
  • My LMS will only recognise pass/fail and not an overall score – how do I get it to recognise an overall score? I tried ticking the all three pick one questions on my overall results slide but it stopped them scoring correctly.
  • How do I report the total and passband variables to my LMS?

Any help gratefully received!


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Lyndsey!

I'm happy to help! Thank you for attaching your file!

I noticed "Button 4" is set to Normal at different points for each standardization. This could affect the way the passbands add up. Here's a look:

Also, here's the quiz data that Storyline sends to an LMS. To gather these results, you'll need to create a custom report in your LMS.

Lyndsey Steere

Hi Lauren!

Thanks for getting back to me. The passband is different for all three tasks - the first one the correct passband is Merit (43-53), the second one the correct passband is Distinction (54-64), and the third one the correct passband is Pass (32-42).

I have therefore tried to put them in a similar order for each now, but it can't be exactly the same.

The problem seems to be that the trigger to show the 'wrong' button fires even when the passband is correct. My way around this was to add a trigger that would hide the wrong button if the right button state was normal. I have temporarily disabled this so you can see what I mean.

Updated file attached. I have renamed the buttons to SubmitWrong and SubmitCorrect so that it's clearer. On the standardisation 1 slide, try putting 11 in each of the total boxes with an overall of 44 (which is correct), and when you click 'Calculate' both buttons will appear. According to the triggers, only SubmitCorrect should appear, so why is SubmitWrong appearing as well? Is this a bug?



Lauren Connelly

Hi Lyndsey!

Thank you so much for updating the file and sharing these details! I've asked our Support Engineers to step in so that we can find the fix. They will work with you in a support case, which I've submitted on your behalf. I'll also follow along in the case as I'm eager to see where the error is!

You should receive an email from them shortly.

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