Triggers in slide master clashes with triggers in feedback master


The story is my course need to have the following:

  • Timer which appears 1st then user may click a button to hide it or appear it. Once timer countdown to zero, lightbox will pop up to let user know that he's been using more than specified time to complete the course but user can still continue the course but it will reflect in the result slide later on. (I placed the trigger in slide master)
  • Transcript which appears 1st then user may click a button to hide it or appear it. (I placed the triggers in feedback master, layer setting must un-tick for "hide all other layers". I have to un-tick it as I will have quiz slides later on with layers of feedback)
  • Both buttons must appear at all slides at all times

Both of the above I have successfully develop it (thanks to the community for the timer) in a dummy file which is the working_timer and transcript.story. And thus, I copy and paste the triggers to my working file.

However, things doesn't works the same in my working file (not working_timer and transcript.story).  When I click un-tick for "hide all other layers", the transcript appears then blink to disappear. It does not happen like that in the dummy file. Even just a simple shape in a layer behaves like that too. 

But if I tick "hide other layers" it works fine but my timer would just freeze there. 

Please help! I've been struggling on this for a few days already.

Thanks and appreciate it if anyone can come out with a solution or other work-around.

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