Triggers Question in Storyline

Apr 26, 2016

I downloaded a free template of a memory card game.  I have about 11 of these games (mostly) completed in individual files.

I'd like to connect all of them.

I think the fix is to create a trigger when the user successfully completes the first memory game of 6 cards, they're automatically sent to the next memory game of 6 cards.

Right now I have 2 memory games in two different slides and don't know how to "connect" them upon completion of the first game.

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CarLea Sanchez-Agato

Hi Tom,

You can try these:

Create a button with a trigger set to Jump to scene (scene = 2 Memory Game ) when clicked.  You can set the trigger to appear at the same time as your restart button.


If you want this to be done automatically, set the trigger to Jump to scene (scene = 2 Memory Game) when Animation completes on Timer-Winner.

You can do this for all succeeding games.  Let me know if this gives you the results you want.



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