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Britannia Robinson

In addition to linking to your resource tab, is there a way to link to a particular spot in a file in the resource tab.  Let's say you want to view info on the 5 page of a document you have in your resource tab, can you link to that section?  This would be instead of have each page separated out. 

Joyce Hensen

This worked perfectly to get a user to look at (or at least open) a document,t with links to other pages outside of the course, before moving on.  The concern for my course was that simply asking the user to open the resources tab and then open a specific (compliance) document would not result in them actually doing that.  This method opens the document for them without the extra step.

The customer decided that they preferred to have the information "light boxed" instead of accessed as a PDF from resources, because having clickable links wasn't important, but it's always cool to learn something new.