Triggers work on some slides and not others

Mar 01, 2013

I created a presentation from an imported PowerPoint and added audio to the presentation. I added triggers to and they are the same on all slides, but only work on select ones.  The triggers work on my first slide and don't work on the slides that follow.  The first slide only has one slide layer and an audio layer. The ones that follow have more slide layers and one audio layer.
I am using a slide trigger and a player trigger.  The slide trigger is: Set TimelineEnds equal to true When the timeline ends. The Player Trigger is: Jump to next slide When the user clicks the next button If TimelineEnds is equal to True.

Not sure why this would work on the first slide and not on the slides that follow.  I don't want the user to be able to advance until the audio on the slide has finished.

Has anyone experienced this? Can you help me out?



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