Trouble with Multiple Results slides in Storyline 3

Oct 26, 2021

I have a scenario where I have where a portion of the questions will apply to all learners in all locations. These questions are all in one scene and there is a results slide for that section. This first results slide displays the completion correctly.

Then, there is a branch where the learner selects their location from one of 4 options. This will put them in one of 4 scenes, each scene has 3 additional questions that are specific to their location. All 4 scenes feed into a second results slide. The passing threshold for this result slide is set to 25%, because they only take 1 of the 4 branches. This results slide also displays completion correctly, because I can pass by just getting the questions on one branch correct.

This gets to the part that doesn't seem to work correctly. I have a 3rd results slide which is set up to calculate the results of the two results slides. What's happening is that when I test the module I show as passed on both of the first two results slides. But then I get to the results slide that combines those two and I'm failing because it's combining the points possible for each quiz, even though the "User must pass each quiz" is the option selected.

Any help would be appreciated.

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