Trouble with Screen Recordings

We had a pretty long screen recording session the other day, and now it't time to edit it. When storyline inserts the screens, it says it has 294 slides (clicks, a lot of those slides don't help in the process), but when it finished inserting them, it just puts 96 slides, and the last 4 only have a grey rectangle that says 'Video', and when I finally got to preview those slides, it shows me some kind of YouTube insert template (black rectangle with youtube logo on the corner) when it was clearly a screen recording.

I'm trying to insert them all once again and see if now all slides are ok, because when I export the video from the project, it's complete, with all the process and slides, meaning that stuff is in there and probably available for extraction and usage in the project.

I attached 2 screencaps: one showing how many slides there are, and the other with the grey video placeholders.

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