Trouble with variables

Jan 06, 2013

Hi Folks,

I'm trying out variables for the first time and am having some trouble. The basic idea is that I want my learner to take this one page survey to determine whether or not they are a content contributor. I thought it would be easier to explain the problem rather than write it.  I recorded a screenr (under 2 min) that describes what I've done so far and where I'm stuck:

The project file is attached 



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David Anderson

Hi Ethan-

Thanks for posting the Screenr - it really helped me understand what you were going for.

I reworked your file using a true/false variable. Your initial approach to add a number value to the checkbox worked correctly for me when I clicked the first choice... but it didn't account for a user deselecting the box and making another choice. That could be where you were running into issues.

Check out the attached file to see if it works for you. Using a true/false, I toggled the value based on whether the first button's state was equal or not equal to selected.

Ethan Waldman

I see. That's strange that the interaction worked for you- The version I made still will only show the 'no' layer even with button one checked.

The reason that I went with a numbered variable instead of true/false because if they check any of those boxes, then they would be considered a content contributor. Is this possible with true/false or was my hunch to use the numbered variable correct?

Thanks again!


Mike Taylor

OK slightly different take on this. How could we display a different set of feedback on a results slide based on what answers were selected?

For example,

Question Slide:  "Which of the following are fruits? (Select all the apply)"

A. Apple

B. Banana

C. Potato

D. Cheeseburger

If the user selects B and D the feedback would be something like

A. Apple - An apple is a fruit that you didn't select

B. Banana - Yes this is a fruit

D. Cheeseburger - Sorry a cheeseburger is not a fruit

Ben  Wyse

Hi Mike,

If you create a trigger which simply says  "If Choice A is selected (when submit button is clicked), then show Layer (Apple Is a Fruit... )

And create triggers for each of your options that you would want different layers to show.    There are ways to combine triggers and streamline it, but this will work just fine.

It's all about what choice (button) is selected when the user clicks the Submit button.

Does this make sense?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mike,

Ben is correct. Thought I'd throw a demo story together. I didn't do all permutations, but enough for demo purposes. Coupla' things I did:

  • Duplicated the default incorrect layer and, for the first answer combo (I chose apple and potato) named it Incorrect - ApplePotato (naming convention was simply to help me)
  • Inserted a shape on this layer, covering the default text. Formatted with desired color scheme. Typed in the feedback text.
  • I saw that the feedback shape was covering the Continue button, so:
  • I went into the Feedback master, clicked on the Incorrect layout, and moved the continue button down.
  • While I was here, I changed the Feedback title style color to match the color scheme in the shape I'd created (2nd bullet) on the new Incorrect Layer
  • Back in Normal View, duplicated this layer, renaming it according to what choices were made (e.g., banana_cheese, apple_banana_cheese) and edited the text accordingly.
  • Back on the base layer, created triggers so the appropriate layers would show when Learners made those choices, e.g.,
    Show layer "Incorrect Apple_Potato" when the user clicks the submit button
    On Condition
    Button 1 apple equals selected AND Button 3 potato equals selected

So, it's really basic, but it does give the Learner specific feedback depending on the choices they made. Thanks for the idea!

Kurt Masteller

I have a similar question.

I have a list of 12 items with check boxes next to each.

I need to show one of three possible outcomes:

Outcome 1:If user selects all of Options 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,7,12 - The "Correct" layer is shown

Outcome 2: If user selects any of Options 6,8, 9, 10, 11 - The "Incorrect" Layer is shown.

Outcome 3: If user selects some of the Options 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12 - An "Incomplete" Layer is shown.

I have been trying to figure this out but am stumped.

Any help would be wicked awesome!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kurt,

This is a bit of an older thread, so I'm not sure if they're still subscribed. If you're able to post your .story file here we can take a look at how you've got this set up and offer advice from there. From just the description you've provided it sounds like you'll need to set the trigger to Show layer (pick the layer) when the user clicks on - and then add the conditions for all, any of, etc. the different options based on the layer you're triggering. 

Ben  Wyse

Kurt Masteller said:

I have a similar question.

 Kurt if you will post a file, we can look at it and offer some specific suggestions.  This can be accomplished.  It isn't complicated but it will take a few different triggers to manage the various outcomes.    It could also be accomplished using variables too or a combination of both.    



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