True/False Variables in a YouTube-type interaction

Aug 09, 2016

I am trying to get the images on the side of my page (see attachment) to change to a "Watched" stated after the user clicks on them.  I have a base layer and three additional layers and have created variables that *should* show the video as watched on ALL layers after the layer has been accessed. 

I am using slide triggers for some of my variables and my suspicion is that the slide triggers only work on the base layer and don't apply to the additional slide layers I've created.  Any help that can be provided would be much appreciated!

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Walt Hamilton

If you let the images from the base show through to the layers, you won't need quite as many variables and triggers. Depending on whether or not you are restricting navigation until after the layers are viewed, you may not need the variables.

Be aware that the "when media completes" can only be used for media that is actually on the slide, so if you are using web objects (like youtube videos), this method for setting the state won't work. I like it because the user doesn't get credit for completing the video until they actually complete it.

The second slide is the one that works.

Jonathan Workman

Hello Walt,

Thanks for your comments.  Unfortunately, letting the buttons show through from the base layer won't work as the buttons aren't always positioned the same on each layer (see my original slide).  Also, I could never see that there was ever a state change with the buttons.  Finally, the videos aren't web objects, they will be actual videos that I bring into Storyline - I'm just creating a YouTube-like interface.

If you have additional comments or ideas, I would be very interested in your help.  Thanks again!

Jonathan Workman

Hello Wendy -

Thanks for your time on this.  When I preview your slide, I don't see that any of the buttons ever change to a "Watched" state.  Also, it isn't possible to just view the base layer buttons on the additional layers as the buttons change on every layer.  Please check out my original file at the top of this post to better understand the structure.

Jonathan Workman

Walt - Your statement is exactly right.  I am trying to set the state of button on layers that are not yet open.  I also want those states retained across all layers until the learner exits the interaction.  If this is not possible given the constraint of the layers reverting to their initial state when opened, I will work to find a different solution.

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