Try Again Layer shows briefly when correct action is taken on Hint Layer.

On two try mode video scenes, I am having an issue.  Each slide has a base layer, a try again layer, and a hint layer.

The base layer has two hotspots, one for where the learner should click(Correct), and one for the rest of the screen (Incorrect).  These both have triggers on the base layer.

The try again layer should show any time the learner clicks on the base layer in the incorrect spot.  If they don't click the correct answer before the timeline ends, the hint layer should show.

All that to tell you my problem.

If I allow the timeline to expire and the hint layer to show, when I click on the correct area (which is a separate hotspot on the hint layer), the try again layer pops up briefly as the transition to the next slide happens.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I can't share the file publicly, but I have uploaded some screen shots of the triggers on each layer.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Beth. For the Hint layer properties, do you have the "prevent user from clicking on the base layer" box checked? I'm thinking the trigger to show the Try Again layer is firing because you're clicking "outside" the original correct hotspot.

Would that make sense with what you're seeing? If so, could you instead find a way for the hint layer to close, or to hide the base layer and add new objects to the hint layer?