Try again question not advancing in quiz

May 10, 2024

Having an issue with some questions not advancing on Quiz.  Some work and some don't; multiple choice questions with remediation slides.  Any suggestions are appreciated

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Andrew Hanley

Hi Shauna. Im unfamiliar with what "remediation" slides are - but maybe feedback?

Anyways, the main things to test when a quiz doesnt advance are:

  1. does the slide have the correct "Submit Interaction" trigger applied to either the Player submit button, or your own custom Submit button?
  2. are there layers for Correct and Incorrect and Try Again (if necessary)?
  3. if its a branching question, is the branching set up to move to the next slides?
  4. if you have used custom buttons on any of the feedback layers, then are those triggers set correctly and pointing to the correct slides?

Im sure there are some other things it might be, but in my experience, its worth checking those 4 first.