Try It Simulation Caption's and Internal Margin Issue

May 23, 2016

Hello -

I'm working on a Try It simulation and the caption that is automatically inserted seems to not be displaying properly in terms of the internal margin. I have the internal margin set to zero for all sides and there is still a significant amount of space.

On the other hand, I added in a new caption - Insert > Caption and set the internal margins to 10 and there is actually less space around the edges than on the caption automatically inserted.

Refer to my attachment for a picture demonstrating this difference.

Anyone else having this issue?

Has anyone discovered a way to fix it? (I know I can add all new captions, but that kind of defeats the purpose and simplicity of using the automatically generated one.)

Thanks for your help, advice, and recommendations in advance! :)

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Sarah Olsem

I am able to resize the caption and change other things within it, it's just the internal margin appearing larger than it is displaying. I went ahead and created a whole new file and it's doing the same thing. Also when doing this one, I noticed there was a space after the first quotation mark used to instruct the learner where to click.

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