Trying to Get Creative...

Aug 12, 2013

Hi everyone! I'm working on updating my company's "welcome" course - a basic overview of how we view ourselves as an organization, the products we product, the culture we encourage, etc. I've really been trying to get creative and make the course as interactive as possible, but more and more frequently I find myself creating different versions of "click this thing and get a pop up with some info in it" screens. They all look different, but it's the same general form of interaction. Now that I'm getting into the more dry content (our distribution channels, the positioning of our brands, etc.) I'm having trouble coming up with engaging interactions that will get my learners thinking.

Do any of you ever feel like you've gotten stuck in this rut of "click for a pop up"? Other than scenarios, which I don't think will work for talking about our distribution channels, do you have any ideas for making dry content more interactive?

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blair parkin

You could make it like a "treasure hunt" where you tell them what they have to find and then they search through the course finding whats required. Of if you have an end to end process of making a product and shipping it to a customer they could follow the order through the steps and select the appropriate paths along the way. Introduce it from the end's customers point of view and then have them decide how and what to get to them


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